Chronicle of a summer in Europe

2016 WORLD PREMIERE. A stunning, first person portrait of the greatest migrant crisis the world has ever known, CHRONICLE OF A SUMMER IN EUROPE shows the difficulties that refugees, government and humanitarian volunteers alike all face in wake of unprecedented events. Director Kristian Kiehling spent the summer of 2015 traveling the refugee route from Malta and the Mediterranean Sea to England, alongside those displaced by war, economic despair and he brings to the screen a story of humans hoping for a better life, as well as the innumerable frustrations they encounter and dangers they face. Featuring stunning images, vital reporting and incredibly important interviews with the migrants themselves, Kiehling documents a tremendously complex set of stories, sometimes at odds with what is being reported, but always human. A tremendously important film, skillfully put together in a manner, it is a story that will move and incite you to action.Expected to attend: Director Kristian Kiehling, Editor Eric Pforr, Composer Maurizio Curcio.